Alan Lowen


Alan Lowen has been creating and leading workshops for 40 years and has established an international reputation as a premier guide for people seeking to accept, integrate and celebrate all aspects of their personal life and being. He studied psychology at London and Oxford universities and then trained in many areas of personal growth, inspired by his first mentor, Dr. Carl Rogers. Later he became a disciple of Osho Rajneesh, and lived in his ashram for 8 years, leading workshops and exploring the deepest realms of human potential. In 1986 he returned to public life and founded The Art of Being® as a path of self-realization, heart awareness, life fulfilment and spiritual awakening.

He chooses to engage with the essential personal themes of our lives – with our nature, our stories and relationships, with sex and love, with the influences on us of our birth and childhood, and with the universal experience of death and dying. Above all he invites us to honour and celebrate our own unique art of being. In 2003 he received the Kindred Spirit magazine award for his work in the field of personal transformation.

The Art of Being® is a remarkably human path of personal and spiritual growth. Touching, passionate, humorous, and celebrative, it is potent in its power to transform and awaken! It calls you into the present and teaches you how to keep being here when old habits would shut you down or impair your wholeness and your intimate connection with life happening here and now.