Guy Barrington

Guy intuitively weaves together elements from Shamanism, Tantra, Biodanza, Creative Process, Conscious Relating, Healing, Meditation, Martial Arts, Poetry, Mythology and more, to bring us into an ever deepening passionate enlivening presence in our dance and Life experience…

His work with Dancing Heart Path Journeys create opportunities to explore different aspects of our awakening and emerging Humanity. On the dance floor we recover essential qualities and felt essences, which when awakened, enrich our whole existence. Every Dance Journey is a research, a prayer, an invocation, a dream, a dance wish and a celebration of Being.

Guy is the initiator of ‘The Dancing Heart Path Modern Mystery School & Facilitator Training’ currently in Czech Republic & Holland. He is also the Creator of ‘Bliss Conscious Clubbing’ and of ‘Colibri Heart Tribal Trance Dance’ & is the Founder of ‘Heart Fire Life Coaching’. If you’d like to be in touch email him at;