Irena Vejmelková

Irena, what is your role at the festival?
I communicate and enter into agreements with teachers, musicians, some members of the team, I am responsible for finance and budget updates. I write texts, I translate them into English, I provide most of the input for the Web, I participate in the creation of the program. We are a team with Peter, so we do many things together – we consult almost everything that relates to the festival, we go to meetings together, we select the accompanying program, we monitor fulfillment of individual tasks. It is a matter of heart for both of us to make The Art of Being Summer Festival an unforgettable great event for all participants, an event everyone will fondly remember and people will be happy to come again.

Why have you offered your talent to organize The Art of Being Summer Festival?
A few years ago I went to Universal Experience, and there I met Alan and experienced the wonderful work he does, the experiences he offers to us. When the opportunity came to organize a festival for Alan, I did not hesitate for a minute. In addition, organization, communication and team work is my hobby.

What do you like about Tantra?
View of the world, which teach us. Living in the present moment, the art set your boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. If only the world was more tantrik!