Love Story – Angelina and Jay

Our story of love and life adventure began at the Art of Being Festival. We both attended the festival many times, each of us having a role of our own. We knew about each other from other events and from the internet, but the opportunity to meet and see each other finally came at this festival.

When we recall today the moment when we first saw each other, it seems a really funny story.

The romantic version describes a beautiful, tender and fragile fairy running around in the meadow every day with her paintings and on the other side of the meadow, in contrast to the quiet and observing male corner of participants and lecturers. The fairy enjoyed the program, the atmosphere, friends and most of all she enjoyed herself. Every day she felt the cloud of admiration around her person growing larger. Her running on the meadow, the rage on the dance floor and especially around her female silhouette. One day the fairy could not bear the increasing energy of the tentacles around her and she went to the man’s corner to seek understanding. The bold step and the great sincerity was met with the fascination and enchantment of one of the men. That was the moment we “truly saw” each other. The man saw the lioness in a gentle fairy, and the fairy saw the tremor of embarrassment and excitement in a calm man.

The festival was a well-prepared ground for this meeting, sowing the seeds of a relationship that continues to grow. It has been a continuous ground for learning and joy, where the main ingredient is friendship.