Šárka Nováková

“My life, like yours probably, is a great adventure full of twists, surprises, joys and challenges. I am learning to accept what I don’t have with humility, but still flying with my head in the clouds, keeping my feet on the ground – creating my own life story. Sometimes it’s pretty easy, while other times not at all; but I am starting to like these crises’ for the relieve, freedom and fresh breath, when I finally overcome them!” 

Šárka likes honest, open and true gatherings of close people. She creates opportunities for these gatherings for herself and others with passion. She founded the Oslava Života (Celebration of Life) organisation and brought the summer festival tradition to the Czech Republic. For more than 9 years she has been a close friend and co-worker with Alan. She co-leads the Art of Being workshops, and creates her own workshops, women circles and coaching groups. Currently she is devoted to her small son, working less with people. Offering workshops at this year’s festival is a great honour for her and the joy of rediscovering what she loves so much.

Website www.oslavazivota.cz