Participants said about the festival

Alan´s workshops touched me most!!!! There was an incredible strength in the simplicity! Man to man, person to person!!! There was no need for therapists, lectures and theories. Just man to man, simple, clean, no thinking, no analyzing, no judging. Beautiful!!!!!! I am deeply grateful for these beautiful moments I experienced and which are still with me!

All the experiences absolutely enriched my life and I got sooooooooo inspired to continue on that way! 🙂

What ever I did I felt the true spirit of “being” coming through, and taking all my lessons from Alan of getting out of my own way, dropping agenda, and expectations, and just being are crucial to a good offering of any kind.

Workshops of Alan are absolute top for me. If there is Alan´s workshop, I have no dilema where to go. This year also Gayatri was great, especially the last workshop about touching – thank you!


I must confess that due to the fact that this was a festival, I did not expect any deep experiences. I thought that I will jump, shake my head and relax…but!…all is usually different from what I imagine originally. Just the simple excercise with minimum touch which we did with alan started my inner process, which was magnified by wild dancing during the concert of Shakya and Rishi. This shed off a few pieces of me. The Trance Dance of Rishi and following firewalking cut the axe deeper. I had a weird dream during the night where I felt fear and panic all night. And the final blow was Homecoming meditation which shattered me to pieces so, that I was not able to attend the morning programme at all. I just had a massage and went to the pond. After that the cacaoparty pulled me together again. I did not know what to expect, but this was super wild party! with a beautiful opening. I really enjoyed the workshops of Gayatri and Alan. It is a pity that some workshops are not repeated during the festival, that we have only one chance. I also liked cchi kung with Michaela. It was simply a super experience! I agree with the slogan – it is really difficult to tell you about it, you have to experience it!

I have never experienced anything more beautiful up to now. Even if I was not able to do some of the exercises, it did not matter. I know it will be even better next time!

All workshops I’ve been part of it got me a new spirit to everybody and myself. I could experiecne so many new ways to meet individual humans. There are so many wunderfull open heart people, glittering eyes and sparkling minds I’ve never met bevore in such an intensive and ongoing way.

The main thing is finally, that I carried the spirit and the tools with me for the rest of my life. Thats the huge difference to all other workshops I took yet: I’ve got teached to be my own teacher and being able to creat that spiritual mandala (from tuesday with Alan) on my own. I’m as speechless as in the same way I’d like to write a field report about certain individuals who did support my journey by just being there and spend some time with me. I still feel so much honor and gratfullness and such abundance love. The white band around my wrist is still there like the first day of festival and remembers me this unique festival which let me feel like a full human being who can be like I am at almost any situation finally.

Thank you so much for those moments, it was so beautiful, I enjoyed the whole festival and the safe environment that you created. I attended all workshops alone because that is the way I wanted it. I felt very free this way, accepted and welcome everywhere. What really surprised me very positively was the amount and level of active musicians, who accompanied with their live music most of the main events and they created an unbelievable , unique and for me incredible atmosphere. Maok, Shakya, Rishi, Darren were like a dream for me and great and beautiful confirmation of what I came with and what I wanted to show myself…that live music is a great medicine on its own and in connection with touch…itis beauty and joy beyond words. I was very happy to experience this and I want to thank everyone who participated in this miracle.